Daily Archive for July 4th, 2006

Coming Attractions!

er… well, upcoming posts

I guess while I’m in this pinch spot between waiting for the World eBook Fair to start and leaving for the Independence Day Cookout, I will outline a number of posts that are coming up now that I’ve got a little bit of time on my hands.

  • WEDDING RECAP in which I chronicle a little bit of background information about that event for anyone who’s interested,
  • HONEYMOON OVERVIEW in which I bore the snot out of you about how easily amused K and I really are,
  • KATHY’S WEDDING in which I codify the 100% true Tall Tale of my cousin’s wedding ceremony,
  • DS LITE in which I exhort you to spend money on toys,
  • DS REVUE in which I briefly review each of the 20-odd gamecards we have here in the house, and
  • NEW PALM PILOT in which I use obsolete terminology to tell you about the new features that you already know about in a toy that you don’t want. Probably.

But! First, eBooks, bratwurst, fireworks, and Bike or Die!

Still Waiting…

but it’s almost here

I’ve been waiting (excitedly!) for about eight months for the World eBook Fair to get here… It’s supposed to launch today, but it’s not up yet. Once it’s here, there should be about 333,333,333 books available for download, although I plan to only get about what I’ll read in a year. The fair lasts from July 4 to August 4 every year, starting… NOW! …dang, guess I’d better wait and hit refresh again in another minute…